String trimmers (also called weed eaters or weed whackers) are invaluable gardening tools, but those lines don’t last forever. Knowing how to change the trimmer line is essential for keeping your yard looking its best. Here’s how to do it on your Stihl trimmer.

What You’ll Need

  • Your Stihl trimmer
  • Replacement trimmer line (check your trimmer’s manual for the recommended diameter)
  • Safety glasses (highly recommended)

Before You Start

  • Always disconnect power! For gas trimmers, remove the spark plug wire. With battery-powered trimmers, remove the battery.
  • Consult your manual. While these instructions will work with most Stihl trimmers, your specific model might have slight variations.

Changing Your Trimmer Line

  1. Locate and release the trimmer head. The trimmer head is the part at the bottom that holds the line. The process to access the spool inside may vary between specific Stihl models.
    • Some have a bump head that releases line when tapped on the ground. You’ll need to remove the cover to reach the spool.
    • Others may have a button or tabs to release the head with a little pressure.
  2. Remove old trimmer line. Discard any leftover pieces of existing trimmer line.
  3. Clean the trimmer head. Before installing fresh line, remove any dirt or debris that might hinder the new line from feeding smoothly.
  4. Insert new trimmer line.
    • Find the hole or eyelet on the spool where the line is inserted.
    • Feed the new line through, ensuring you have equal lengths on both sides of the head.
  5. Wind the trimmer line.
    • Follow the winding direction indicated on the spool (this is usually shown by arrows).
    • Wind the line neatly to avoid tangles.
  6. Reassemble the trimmer head. Replace the cover and ensure it’s properly secured.

Important Notes

  • Stihl produces different trimmer head types, so if you’re unsure of a specific step, always check your manual or refer to Stihl’s online resources.
  • Consider wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes from potential debris.

Now Get Trimming!

That’s it! You’ve successfully changed the trimmer line on your Stihl trimmer and are ready to conquer the overgrown edges of your garden.