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20 Jul 2024

Why Won’t My Push Mower Start (or Keep Running)? Diagnosing Common Push Mower Woes

Ah, the frustration of a balky mower! You pull the cord, hear a sputter, but your trusty push mower refuses to cooperate.Before you resign yourself to hand-shearing the lawn (not recommended!), take a deep breath. Many common culprits can cause starting or running issues with your mower, and most are fixable without needing a mechanical degree.

Let’s explore some of the most frequent reasons your push mower might be giving you trouble:

25 Feb 2024

Shake Off Winter: Revitalizing Your Garden for Spring

As the frost melts away and the sun begins to peek through more often, the anticipation of spring gardening starts to bloom. It’s time to dust off your tools, stretch your green thumb, and prepare your garden for a season of vibrant growth. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a budding enthusiast, here’s a guide to revitalizing your outdoor space and getting it ready for the glory of spring.