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24 Feb 2024

Mowing During Fire Season: How to Protect Your Property and Community

As fire season intensifies, the risks associated with even routine tasks like yard maintenance increase drastically. Mowing dry vegetation in areas prone to wildfires requires special precautions to protect yourself, your property, and the safety of your community. Understanding the risks and following these tips could be the difference between an uneventful chore and a devastating wildfire.

09 Nov 2022

Choosing the Right Pair of Gardening Gloves: A Gardener’s Essential Guide

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that brings us closer to nature. It’s great for both physical and mental health. But let’s be real – it can get messy! From thorns and scratches to dirt and debris, your hands take a beating out there. That’s where gardening gloves become your best friend. A quality pair of gloves protects your hands while making your gardening tasks more manageable.

Choosing the ideal pair can seem a little overwhelming, though. There are so many materials, fits, and features to consider! Let’s break down the things you need to consider when finding the perfect glove for your green thumb.